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Mr. X needs to look at these websites several times during the day: Hotmail, Yahoo, Ebay, Bank of America, Wall Street Journal and American Express.

Question: How much time do you think it takes him to load all these sites, fill usernames and passwords and login to them? How many key-presses and mouse-clicks are required for all this?

Answer: Total 45 seconds combined for login to the 6 websites, 2 mouse-clicks and 0 key-presses (On a DSL connection). WindowSurfer lets you surf faster and smarter.

Why WindowSurfer
If you are tired of typing in the Usernames and Passwords for your online accounts, over and over again. Or you have difficulty remembering them. Or you compromise security by creating similar passwords for all your accounts.
If you are fed up with those annoying popups that interrupt in your work.
If you work with multiple browser windows and have difficulty finding which window is where. Or you don't like the overlapping mess of browser windows and the desktop clutter. Experience tabbed browser windows with WindowSurfer.
If you don't want to waste your time on waiting for web pages to load. Does your current Browser allow you to click on several links at once to load them simultaneously, while you continue with your current page without interruption?
If you want to concentrate on your work and not waste time on digging deep into your favorites folders or hunt through the confusing IE history to look for a page you recently visited.
If you are a professional or are engaged in some kind of research activity.

Then WindowSurfer is the right tool for you. Come see what it can do for you.

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Stop Annoying Popups
Surf Smarter
Increase Productivity
Save Time
Less Typing
Clean Desktop
Increase Security

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Requires Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000 and Internet Explorer 5.5 or above

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